Commit ab63d04a authored by Nick Sauerwein's avatar Nick Sauerwein
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organisation tools modified. find function more universal.

parent 58a211f9
......@@ -51,14 +51,21 @@ def get_subfolders(base_folder):
return subfolders
def find_configs(glob_input):
def find_configs(base_folder, output = True):
def find(base_folder, total = False, kind = 'config'):
if total:
subfolders = get_subfolders(base_folder)
from glob import glob
subfolders = glob(glob_input)
configs = []
for folder in subfolders:
new_configs = IO(folder).search(output = False)
new_configs = IO(folder).search(output = False, kind = kind)
for config in new_configs:
config['folder'] = folder
configs += new_configs
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