Commit b162ad86 authored by koennecke's avatar koennecke
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Fixed a compilation issue with the epicsadapter and the standard epics rhel7 installation

Enhanced the lmd400 code in lmd200 to cater for the additional 2 fields which had been added
parent 3abcb4fb
......@@ -20,8 +20,37 @@
One of those: alarmString.h cannot be doubly included into the
same application
#include <alarmString.h>
/* extern char *epicsAlarmConditionStrings[]; */
/*#include <alarmString.h>
extern char *epicsAlarmConditionStrings[]; */
/* sometimes only this below works, for reasons I do not care to invest time to investigate */
const char * epicsAlarmConditionStrings[] = {
* we have a SICS tasks which polls EPICS regularly.
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ static void interpretLine(pSICSOBJ self, pLMD200 priv)
} else if(strstr(priv->lineBuffer,"009...016") != NULL) {
storeData(self, 8, priv->lineBuffer);
NotifyHipadabaPar(node, NULL);
} else if(strstr(priv->lineBuffer,"017...019") != NULL) {
} else if(strstr(priv->lineBuffer,"017...020") != NULL) {
storeData(self, 16, priv->lineBuffer);
NotifyHipadabaPar(node, NULL);
} else {
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