Commit 0fbcc834 authored by augustin_s's avatar augustin_s 🐍
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IDs are mandatory now

parent a46ff467
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ und_name_cal = "SATUN13-UIND030"
class Undulators(Adjustable):
def __init__(self, scaled=True, name="Athos Undulators", units="eV"):
super().__init__(name=name, units=units)
def __init__(self, scaled=True, ID="ATHOS_UNDULATORS", name="Athos Undulators", units="eV"):
super().__init__(ID, name=name, units=units)
self.adjs = {name: Undulator(name) for name in und_names}
self.chic = CHIC(name, units)
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