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added mix-in for checked limits

parent e8e4198d
from functools import wraps
from .error import AdjustableError
class Limited:
limit_low = None
limit_high = None
def set_limits(self, low=None, high=None):
self.limit_low = low
self.limit_high = high
def check_limits(self, value):
low = self.limit_low
high = self.limit_high
if not within(value, low, high):
raise OutsideLimits(value, low, high)
def _with_check_limits(self, func):
def wrapper(value, *args, **kwargs):
return func(value, *args, **kwargs)
return wrapper
def within(val, vmin, vmax):
if vmin is not None and vmax is not None:
vmin, vmax = sorted((vmin, vmax))
left = True if vmin is None else (vmin <= val)
right = True if vmax is None else (val <= vmax)
return (left and right)
class OutsideLimits(AdjustableError):
def __init__(self, value, low, high):
msg = f"requested value ({value}) is outside the allowed range [{low}, {high}]"
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