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updated for simpler set_target_value (using TaskProducer)

parent 13af8484
......@@ -57,10 +57,10 @@ TypeError: Can't instantiate abstract class MyNewCoolThing with abstract methods
... informing you that you need to implement three methods:
- `get_current_value()` → return the current value/position
- `set_target_value(value, hold=False)` → return a Task* that sets the target value/position
- `set_target_value(value)` → change to the target value/position*
- `is_moving()` → return a boolean moving status
*cf. `slic.core.task.Task` and `Adjustable._as_task(...)`. (This part will be simplified soon :-) )
*this will be automatically wrapped into a Task (`slic.core.task.Task`)
Thus, you get to work and do that:
......@@ -74,10 +74,8 @@ class MyNewCoolThing(Adjustable):
def get_current_value(self):
return self.pos
def set_target_value(self, value, hold=False):
def change():
self.pos = value
return self._as_task(change, hold=hold)
def set_target_value(self, value):
self.pos = value
def is_moving(self):
return False # OK OK, this is probably cheating ;)
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