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added 2D scan to GUI

parent a2674180
import wx
from .daqpanels import ConfigPanel, StaticPanel, ScanPanel, TweakPanel, GoToPanel
from .daqpanels import ConfigPanel, StaticPanel, ScanPanel, Scan2DPanel, TweakPanel, GoToPanel
from .daqpanels.special import SpecialScanPanel
from import RunPanel
from .widgets import MainPanel, NotebookDX
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ from .persist import Persistence
class DAQFrame(wx.Frame):
def __init__(self, scanner, title="Neat DAQ", show_static=True, show_scan=True, show_spec=False, show_tweak=True, show_goto=False, show_run=False):
def __init__(self, scanner, title="Neat DAQ", show_static=True, show_scan=True, show_spec=False, show_scan2D=True, show_tweak=True, show_goto=False, show_run=False):
wx.Frame.__init__(self, None, title=title)#, size=(350,200))
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ class DAQFrame(wx.Frame):
panel_static = StaticPanel(notebook, acquisition, instrument, name="Static")
panel_scan = ScanPanel(notebook, scanner, instrument, name="Scan")
panel_spec = SpecialScanPanel(notebook, scanner, instrument, name="Special")
panel_scan2D = Scan2DPanel(notebook, scanner, instrument, name="Scan2D")
panel_tweak = TweakPanel(notebook, name="Tweak")
panel_goto = GoToPanel(notebook, name="GoTo")
panel_run = RunPanel(notebook, acquisition, instrument, name="Run")
......@@ -33,6 +34,7 @@ class DAQFrame(wx.Frame):
if show_static: notebook.AddPage(panel_static)
if show_scan: notebook.AddPage(panel_scan)
if show_spec: notebook.AddPage(panel_spec)
if show_scan2D: notebook.AddPage(panel_scan2D)
if show_tweak: notebook.AddPage(panel_tweak)
if show_goto: notebook.AddPage(panel_goto)
if show_run: notebook.AddPage(panel_run)
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
from .config import ConfigPanel
from .goto import GoToPanel
from .scan import ScanPanel
from .scan2d import Scan2DPanel
from .static import StaticPanel
from .tweak import TweakPanel
import wx
from slic.utils import nice_arange, printed_exception
from slic.utils.reprate import get_pvname_reprate
from ..widgets import EXPANDING, STRETCH, TwoButtons, LabeledEntry, LabeledMathEntry, LabeledFilenameEntry, make_filled_vbox, make_filled_hbox, post_event
from .tools import AdjustableComboBox, ETADisplay, correct_n_pulses, run
class Scan2DPanel(wx.Panel):
def __init__(self, parent, scanner, instrument, *args, **kwargs):
wx.Panel.__init__(self, parent, *args, **kwargs)
self.scanner = scanner
self.scan = None
# widgets:
self.adjbox1 = adjbox1 = AdjustableBox(self, "Adjustable 1")
self.adjbox2 = adjbox2 = AdjustableBox(self, "Adjustable 2")
self.cb_return = cb_return = wx.CheckBox(self, label="Return to initial values")
self.le_npulses = le_npulses = LabeledMathEntry(self, label="#Pulses", value=100)
self.le_nrepeat = le_nrepeat = LabeledMathEntry(self, label="#Repetitions", value=1)
self.le_fname = le_fname = LabeledFilenameEntry(self, label="Filename", value="test")
pvname_reprate = get_pvname_reprate(instrument)
self.eta = eta = ETADisplay(self, "Estimated time needed", pvname_reprate, adjbox1.le_nsteps, adjbox2.le_nsteps, le_npulses, le_nrepeat)
self.btn_go = btn_go = TwoButtons(self)
btn_go.Bind1(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.on_go)
btn_go.Bind2(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.on_stop)
# sizers:
widgets = (cb_return,) # make sure checkbox does not stretch horizontally
vb_cbs = make_filled_vbox(widgets, flag=wx.ALL)
widgets = (EXPANDING, adjbox1, EXPANDING, adjbox2, vb_cbs, le_npulses, le_nrepeat, le_fname, eta, btn_go)
vbox = make_filled_vbox(widgets, border=10)
def on_go(self, _event):
if self.scan:
adjustable1 = self.adjbox1.cb_adjs.get()
adjustable2 = self.adjbox2.cb_adjs.get()
if adjustable1 is None or adjustable2 is None:
post_event(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.btn_go.btn2)
start_pos1, end_pos1, step_size1 = self.adjbox1._get_pos()
start_pos2, end_pos2, step_size2 = self.adjbox2._get_pos()
filename = self.le_fname.GetValue()
n_pulses = self.le_npulses.GetValue()
n_pulses = int(n_pulses)
n_repeat = self.le_nrepeat.GetValue()
n_repeat = int(n_repeat)
rate = self.eta.value
n_pulses = correct_n_pulses(rate, n_pulses)
relative1 = self.adjbox1.cb_relative.GetValue()
relative2 = self.adjbox2.cb_relative.GetValue()
return_to_initial_values = self.cb_return.GetValue()
self.scan = self.scanner.scan2D(
adjustable1, start_pos1, end_pos1, step_size1,
adjustable2, start_pos2, end_pos2, step_size2,
n_pulses, filename,
relative1=relative1, relative2=relative2,
return_to_initial_values=return_to_initial_values, repeat=n_repeat, start_immediately=False
def wait():
with printed_exception:
self.scan = None
post_event(wx.EVT_COMBOBOX, self.cb_adjs)
post_event(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.btn_go.btn2)
def on_stop(self, _event):
if self.scan:
self.scan = None
class AdjustableBox(wx.StaticBoxSizer):
def __init__(self, parent, title="Adjustable"):
super().__init__(wx.VERTICAL, parent, title)
parent = self.GetStaticBox() # overwrite parent with intermediate StaticBox
parent.Name = title # update name to distinguish during persisting
# widgets:
self.st_adj = st_adj = wx.StaticText(parent)
self.cb_adjs = cb_adjs = AdjustableComboBox(parent)
self.on_change_adj(None) # update static text with default selection
cb_adjs.Bind(wx.EVT_COMBOBOX, self.on_change_adj)
cb_adjs.Bind(wx.EVT_TEXT_ENTER, self.on_change_adj)
self.timer = wx.Timer(parent)
parent.Bind(wx.EVT_TIMER, self.on_change_adj, self.timer)
self.timer.Start(2500) #TODO: make configurable
self.le_start = le_start = LabeledMathEntry(parent, label="Start", value=0)
self.le_stop = le_stop = LabeledMathEntry(parent, label="Stop", value=10)
self.le_step = le_step = LabeledMathEntry(parent, label="Step Size", value=0.1)
self.le_nsteps = le_nsteps = LabeledEntry(parent, label="#Steps")
self.on_change_pos(None) # update #Steps
for le in (le_start, le_stop, le_step):
le.Bind(wx.EVT_TEXT, self.on_change_pos)
self.cb_relative = cb_relative = wx.CheckBox(parent, label="Relative to current position")
# sizers:
widgets = (le_start, le_stop, le_step, le_nsteps)
hb_pos = make_filled_hbox(widgets)
widgets = (cb_relative,) # make sure checkbox does not stretch horizontally
vb_cbs = make_filled_vbox(widgets, flag=wx.ALL)
widgets = (cb_adjs, st_adj, STRETCH, hb_pos, vb_cbs)
make_filled_vbox(widgets, border=10, box=self)
def on_change_pos(self, _event):
start_pos, end_pos, step_size = self._get_pos()
if step_size == 0:
raise ValueError
except ValueError:
nsteps = ""
tooltip = "Start, Stop and Step Size need to be floats.\nStep Size cannot be zero."
steps = nice_arange(start_pos, end_pos, step_size)
nsteps = str(len(steps))
tooltip = str(steps)
def on_change_adj(self, _event):
adjustable = self.cb_adjs.get()
def _get_pos(self):
start_pos = self.le_start.GetValue()
end_pos = self.le_stop.GetValue()
step_size = self.le_step.GetValue()
return float(start_pos), float(end_pos), float(step_size)
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