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......@@ -470,16 +470,16 @@ simulation one requires following ingredients:
scaling factor \texttt{AMR\_SCALING} \\
\texttt{EFIELD} & Mark each cell if the electric field component of any direction satisfies
$E^{level}_{d, cell}\ge\alpha\max E_{d}^{level}$, where $d=x, y, z$ and $\alpha\in[0, 1]$ is the scaling factor
\texttt{AMR\_SCALING} & \\
\texttt{AMR\_SCALING} \\
\texttt{MOMENTA} & It performs a loop over all particles of a level and computes the dot product of the momenta.\ Every
cell that contains a particle with $||\mathbf{p}|| \ge \alpha \max_{level} ||\mathbf{p}||$ is refined.\ The scalar $\alpha\in[0, 1]$
is a user-defined value \texttt{AMR\_SCALING}. \\
\texttt{CHARGE\_DENSITY} & If the charge density of a cell is greater or equal to the value specified with
\texttt{AMD\_DENSITY} the cell is tagged for refinement\\
\texttt{MIN\_NUM\_PARTICLES} & Cells with equal or more particles are refined.\ The bound is specified with
\texttt{AMR\_MIN\_NUM\_PART} & \\
\texttt{AMR\_MIN\_NUM\_PART} \\
\texttt{MAX\_NUM\_PARTICLES} & Cells with equal or less particles are refined.\ The bound is specified with
\texttt{AMR\_MAX\_NUM\_PART} & \\
\texttt{AMR\_MAX\_NUM\_PART} \\
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