Commit 50ecb310 authored by Uldis Locans's avatar Uldis Locans

remove any OpenCL calls when DKS compiled without OpenCL

parent 3d130aa0
......@@ -888,9 +888,10 @@ public:
* TODO: opencl and mic imlementation
int callMemInfo() {
#ifdef DKS_CUDA
if (apiCuda())
return CUDA_SAFECALL(cbase->cuda_memInfo());
return DKS_ERROR;
......@@ -899,11 +900,13 @@ public:
* Used for debuging and timing purposes only.
void oclEventInfo() {
if (apiOpenCL())
return OPENCL_SAFECALL(oclbase->ocl_eventInfo());
* Test function to profile opencl kernel calls.
* Used for debuging and timing purposes only.
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