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Updated with details of 1.0.0-RELEASE.

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# Overview
This log describes the functionality of tagged versions within the repository.
# Tags
* [1.0.0-RELEASE](
Initial release created from old wica_panels project.
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# gfa-status-panels
# Overview [![Build Status](](
This is the **gfa-status-panels** git repository which provides a set of overview status panels for GFA's
main scientific facilities.
The project is an NPM project which uses the rollup.js package to create a single JS support files to support
the html file for each scinetific facility.
# How to build
npm run build
# How to deploy
Copy contents of the build directory created in the step above to one or all of 'dist_dev'/'dist_prod'/'dist_ext' to
deploy on the wica dev/prod/external wica servers.
npm run dist_publish_all
# Project Changes and Tagged Releases
* See the []( file for further information.
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