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Assorted fixes and cleanup

vinciguerra_a requested to merge vinciguerra_a/ippl:fixes-and-cleanup into master

An assortment of final changes to clean up the state of the master branch.

  • Ensure that there is always a host space backend available by falling back to the stock FFTs if neither FFTW nor MKL are available. This ensures that the unit tests compile for "CUDA only" builds, which also include serial execution because Kokkos requires that at least one host space execution policy be defined.
  • Update the unit test for UniformCartesian to use the new structure (overlooked in !201 (merged) since it doesn't use execution spaces at all).
  • Add a unit test for the Laplacian; close #165.
  • Fix field BCs unit test to actually use different execution spaces. Fixes various occurrences of incorrect execution space for range policy types.
  • Remove the erroneous layout comparison introduced in !192 (merged) that prevented the periodic Poisson solver from updating it's temporary fields; close #190.
  • Define in/equality operators for NDIndex (currently unused)
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