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Resolve "Probe Output"

snuverink_j requested to merge 344-probe-output into master

This MR implements:

  • Option to save the probe output each turn (when Options::psDumpEachTurn true), closes #344 (closed).
  • Some refactoring of ParallelCyclotronTracker:
    • Saves a vector of Cavities and Plugin Elements in ParallelCyclotronTracker at initialisation such that these do not have to be remade each step.
    • A method isTurnDone to avoid code duplication
    • rename dumpEachTurn to finishedTurn
  • Fix a few bugs in writing ASCII in LossDataSink
    • write header once and follow same logic as HDF5 writing (this was changed in b56739ae)
    • add bunchNumber to header
    • bunchNumber writing also for nodes != 0
  • Some refactoring in LossDataSink for writing ASCII
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