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Resolve "OPAL-FEL (MITHRA integration)"

albajacas_a requested to merge 535-opal-fel-mithra-integration into master

For #535 (closed)

  • Move documenation from README to manual (will be done when MR gets merged)
  • Move example to Wiki (will be done when MR gets merged)
  • Remove unnecessary file and line info at the start of MITHRA
  • Review use of *new
  • Reorganise folders of MITHRA library lib , bin, ...
  • Correct use of OPAL functions e.g. euclidean_norm()
  • Remove unnecessary variables e.g. cfname
  • OPAL constants instead of a "magic number"
  • Remove unnecessary vector.clear()
  • Move code from UndulatorRep.[cpp|h] to Undulator.[h|cpp]
  • Remove ParticleMatterInteraction, , wakeField, BoundaryGemoetry
  • File header with correct coding style
  • Alphabetic order in CMakeLists.txt and other places in the code
  • Conditional include MITHRA header files with #ifdef OPAL_FEL, ..., #endif
  • Surround OPAL FEL code in other files with #ifdef OPAL_FEL, ..., #endif
  • Check which header files are really required
  • Use only C++ header files
  • Check and correct indentation
  • Use plural for variable names of containers (usually something we loop over)
  • Bunch needs to be recovered by OPAL after undulator instead of using globalEOL_m = true
  • Separate computeUndulator() in a file that is only compiled if OPAL_FEL enabled. EDIT 14-5: I think the idea is to put the computeUndulator() code in the Undulator class - Jochem
  • Write unit tests for the new classes
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