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Optimiser update

snuverink_j requested to merge snuverink_j/OPAL-src:optimiser-update into master

What does this MR do?

This MR implements the following:

  • implement the option BIRTH_CONTROL that ensures that the initial population and number of individuals in future generations is not changed wrt the input (INITIALPOPULATION and NUM_IND_GEN). This was discussed in #257 (closed).
  • bugfix: when reading from file (STARTPOPULATION) the generation file should not be read in again when optimising to keep the nodes busy (as was the case right now). This optimisation is actually not needed or wanted in this case and is not removed. Protection is added at several points.
  • reduce population increase to strictly needed number (number of coworkers worker groups) when keeping nodes busy
  • small code improvements

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