Code indexing in gitaly is broken and leads to code not being visible to the user. We work on the issue with highest priority.

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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • Should be done as soon as possible
  • An important update to the code base
  • Not really needed but a good improvement
  • Other labels

  • Used if an issue has not yet been confirmed by a developer
  • Used if an issue is not reproducible
  • Used if a developer was able to reproduce the issue
  • An issue regarding the backend services
  • An issue regarding the user-facing services
  • This issue has been selected for development
  • This issue is currently being worked on
  • Something is blocking the development
  • This issue has not yet been selected for development
  • typebug
    It's a bug!
  • A discussion is wanted/needed
  • typedoc
    Improvements to the documentation
  • A new feature
  • Neither a feature nor a bug but an improvement to the code base
  • typetest
    Missing tests or improvements to the test suite