Commit b69dbe45 authored by ulrich_y's avatar ulrich_y
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Changed mpl_axes_aligner to new syntax

parent 4593b28c
......@@ -48,7 +48,17 @@ def shiftyaxis(ax, org, pos, expand=False):
ax.set_ylim(bottom, top)
def yaxes(ax1, org1, ax2, org2):
def yaxes(ax1, ax2, y1=1, y2=None):
yaxes(ax1, ax2, y=1) changes the limits of ax1 and ax2 to align the
values of y on both axis.
yaxes(ax1, y1, ax2, y2) changes the limits of the axis ax1 and ax2
such that the value for y1 on ax1 is aligned to the value of y2 on
if y2 is None:
y2 = y1
# Get plotting ranges
lim1 = list(ax1.get_ylim())
......@@ -58,8 +68,8 @@ def yaxes(ax1, org1, ax2, org2):
# Calculate the position
pos = _calc_pos(org1, org2, lim1, lim2)
pos = _calc_pos(y1, y2, lim1, lim2)
# Apply the new ranges
shiftyaxis(ax1, org1, pos, True)
shiftyaxis(ax2, org2, pos, True)
shiftyaxis(ax1, y1, pos, True)
shiftyaxis(ax2, y2, pos, True)
......@@ -183,8 +183,8 @@ def twopanel(labelx="",
errorband(i, ax=ax2, col=c)
if len(upalign) == 2:
axs[0], upalign[0],
ax2, upalign[1]
axs[0], ax2,
upalign[0], upalign[1]
if type(labdownleft) == str:
......@@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ def twopanel(labelx="",
errorband(i, ax=ax3, col=c)
if len(downalign) == 2:
axs[1], downalign[0],
ax3, downalign[1]
axs[1], ax3,
downalign[0], downalign[1]
return fig, axs
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