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# lepton proton scatter $`\mu p\to \mu p`$
References: [[tbd]](
Configurations implemented
* MESA $`ep\to ep`$, P2 experiment $`p_\text{in} = 155\,{\rm MeV}`$ with $`E_e > 45\,{\rm MeV}`$
and $`25^\circ < \theta < 45^\circ`$
* MUSE, $`ep\to ep`$ at $`p_\text{in} = 115\,{\rm MeV}`$
......@@ -5,10 +5,13 @@ References: [[1909.10244]](, [[1811.06461]](htt
Configurations implemented
* No cuts to obtain decay rate
* Demonstration cuts: no photons with $`E_\gamma > 10\,{\rm MeV}`$
within a cone of $`|\cos\sphericalangle(\vec p_\gamma,\vec p_e)| > 0.8`$
* MEG cuts with photon veto
* Full reconstruction of
\frac{{\rm d}^2\Gamma}{{\rm d}E_e\,{\rm d}(\cos\theta)} =
\Gamma_0(f(E_e)+P\,\cos\theta\ g(E_e))
# Muon electron scattering $`\mu e\to \mu e`$
References: [[tbd]](
Configurations implemented
* MUonE experiment, Setups 2 and 4
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ Configurations implemented
* reduced cuts
* PiBeta
* BaBar
* Canonical cuts
* Full implantation
* Only the energy
* Invariant mass
......@@ -25,7 +26,8 @@ The canonical version refers to the values often quoted in the PDG of
E_\gamma > 10\,\mathrm{MeV}
Usually, this also means that we are exclusive, i.e. exactly one
photon is visible.
photon is visible. For the example for $`\tau\to\nu\bar\nu \gamma`$,
see [here](babar/example/)
## MEG
......@@ -48,7 +50,7 @@ E_\gamma > 40\,\mathrm{MeV}\,,\qquad E_e> 45\,\mathrm{MeV}
MEG requires one and only one photon meaning that an event with real
radiation with energy larger then the detector resolution of roughly 2
MeV will be discarded if it hits the detector.
MeV will be discarded if it hits the detector.
### Reduced cuts
......@@ -60,7 +62,7 @@ is valid.
## PiBeta cuts
The PiBeta experiment had less stringent cuts when looking at the
radiative muon decay, producing the current best result for this
E_\gamma > 10\,\mathrm{MeV}\,,\qquad \sphericalangle(\vec p_\gamma,\vec p_e) > 30^\circ
......@@ -8,3 +8,4 @@ of $`\tau\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma`$ in
We require $`E_\gamma > 10\,{\rm MeV}`$ in the $`\tau`$ restframe.
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