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Project ID: 507

Shared repo for Master's Thesis

Files regarding the wiggler experiment at AWA

Sasha's presentation August 22nd 2019:

Meeting October 31st 2019:

Meeting November 14th 2019:

Box content (downloaded 2019-11-25):

Beamline with distances in [m] (last edit: 2019-11-27):

beamlineMeters beamlineMeters

Meeting 2019-12-05:

Meeting 2019-12-19:

Jimin's presentation on the generation of the bunch train:

Meeting 2020-01-10:

Mid semester presentation Arnau:

Meeting 2020-02-07:

Beamline absolute measurements:

Presentation 2020-02-14:

Information provided by John 2020-02-15:

Presentation 2020-02-27:

Presentation 2020-03-05:

Latest full beamline layout 2020-03-10:

Comparison of Arnau's and Renato's simulations by Sasha 2020-03-25:

Presentation 2020-03-27:

Presentation 2020-04-03:

Presentation 2020-04-17: